I’ve been into magic for pretty much Magicas long as I’ve been into music, and is very close to, if not at, the very top of my list of favourite things to do.

I received my first magic set as a birthday present when I was very young, and soon felt the need to upgrade to ‘the’ magic set – endorsed by Mr Paul Daniels himself – and soon realised that it was possible to generate a great deal of entertainment for both spectator and performer from what is said to be the oldest art form in the world.

I specialise in performing close-up and card magic, but enjoy watching and performing anything that entertains and amazes.  I also enjoy anything that utilises the wonderful (and sometimes dangerous) world of fire and pyrotechnic effects.

Why do Magic?

A question that might seem obvious, but motives do differ substantially from magician to magician.  Most can be generalised into two main categories:

– Those that perform magic to entertain, amaze and see the look of amazement / horror / relief on spectator’s faces;

– Those that perform magic to make themselves look good, deceive people and generally make people look stupid.

Most magicians will claim to be squarely in the first category, but none of them would be human if there wasn’t a tiny injection of the second motive amidst their repertoire.

In actual fact, a good magician needs to incorporate at least a little of the second motive in order to fully achieve the first.  Magic relies on the magician being very dishonest about his actions or intentions.  A magician may say a card is in his pocket when in fact it’s palmed in his hand.  He may hand you a coin to examine, and then switch it after you return it, claiming it’s the same coin.  These could be said to be the actions of the second category as it involves deceit and lying, however it is necessary in order to achieve the first motive – entertainment and looks of amazement.

So, it’s all about the balance of these two.  Too much of the second makes you a con artist, and too much of the first makes you a ‘truthian’!

What stance do I take?  The category 1 stance of course!  But only by carefully regulating the degree of activity in category 2!

My Favourite Tricks

My favourite type of trick has to be close up – anything that I can keep in my pocket and show to anyone, anywhere with as little fuss as possible.

Fire Wallet

My pride and joy!  I bought my first one at the Blackpool MagFire Walletic Convention from a guy called Trevor Duffy.  What I like about this is the fact that you don’t have to use it for magic, you can use it anywhere where you have to pay for something and the reaction is always the same!  The following year I had to buy a new one as the first one wore out from overuse!

Card Magic

Card MagicA work of art in itself, a deck of playing cards symbolises much more than you think.  The four suites symbolise the four seasons, the thirteen numbers represent the thirteen lunar months in the year, black and red are night and day, and if you even add up all the values on the cards and add 1 (due to the design of the ace of spades on most decks of cards incorporating two spades – one inside the other), you get the number of days in a year, 365.

And that’s before you’ve even done any magic with them!

My favourite trick with cards has actually had people in a pub screaming!


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