A very warm welcome to the Pie Club!

This is the official Facebook point of presence The Pie Club for Pie Club members to convene, share food ideas and introduce new and exciting food combinations.

In order to play an active part in The Pie Club, you are encouraged join the Pie Club Facebook Group.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding what sort of foods can be discussed or shown, but we like big portions, tasty flavours, interesting combinations and of course full fat all the way!

“Pie” doesn’t necessarily refer to a literal pie, but encompasses all good, honest food whether it be home cooked or in a restaurant.

The Pie Club History:

The group was initially started as a means of countering the increasing membership numbers of thriving weight loss programmes during the late 2000’s – two of which the Pie Club referred to as the “Slimming World Mafia” and the “Weight Watchers Revenge Squad”. At the time, there were no groups that offered people an opportunity to share normal, honest food that we’ve all been eating for centuries without the influence of these groups.

And so the Pie Club was born. It’s early days were more focused around a more comical “Anti-weight loss” theme, encouraging members to push the idea that people don’t need to “watch what they eat” in order to stay healthy, and to discourage dieting regardless of the circumstances.

The Pie Club Today:

These days, the club has matured into a relaxed and friendly place for people to share fantastic food pictures, ideas, recipes and stories. Many of our members are on weight-loss programmes and their food posts are well received, so whatever your eating habits are you can be sure they will be appreciated by members of the club.


We have members from all over the world – from America to Australia. A majority of our members are in the UK, and the club itself was founded in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Sometimes you’ll hear of the club being referred to as The Pie Club, Sheffield.

Who Should Join?

Anyone and everyone! As long as you’re nice to other members and enjoy your food, you’re more than welcome to join. I need to approve all new members to make sure we keep the group free from spammers and trouble-causers, so to speed up your admittance to the group it helps if you have a mutual friend already in the group who can refer you.

What should I post?

Anything and everything relating to good food! The main things people tend to post are:

– Photos of any food serving that’s impressive, interesting or special to you in some way.
– Restaurant reviews and recommendations
– Home made food achievements
– Special upcoming events relating to food
– Interesting food-related links from arounf the internet.

Newsletters and blog entries will be posted in the Blog section of this website under The Pie Club category. If you want to email the club, please do so at thepieclubsheffield@gmail.com.

Enjoy, and keep the portions big and the black pepper plentiful!


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