DJ Steven Seed

Steven Seed has been DJing since the turn of the century and, although his tastes are geared primarily towards Hard House and Hard Trance, he enjoys working with practically any music genre.

Venues he has played at recently include the Mint Club in Leeds, and the Aqua Bar in Manchester, as well as live mixes on 102.8 Chorley FM. This, along with frequent pub and house party gigs of varying clientele, have developed his sense of purpose as a DJ as well as his distinctively refined stage presence.

More recently, he has used his extensive musical knowledge and ability to produce his own original style of music.

Although his preferred medium resides with needle and groove, he is no stranger to today’s more intricate setups. His technical knowledge and ability to adapt well to practically any setup has made for some excellent performances.


Born and raised in Sheffield, Steven has been into music for as long as he can remember.

Throughout his academic life, he has earnerd a plethora of music qualifications for a variety of instruments, including an Associate Diploma in Electronic Keyboard Playing from the Victoria College of Music in London.

Steven is no stranger to live performances either, which include solo pieces as well as playing lead violin in the Sheffield Youth Orchestra.

More recently, he has composed a number of tunes and plays the Keyboard and Electric Guitar in a local band. His technical ability and ear for music is at a professional level, and will no doubt continue to advance in the coming years.


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