The Pie Club – Christmas Message 2012

On December 20, 2012, in The Pie Club, by StevenSeed

As we come to the end of the year I thought I’d send out a Christmas message which serves not only to thank everybody for their contributions over the year but also to share a few ideas I’ve had for The Pie Club in 2013.

This year has seen a massive increase in activity on The Pie Club. This has comprised new members joining us, existing members previously inactive becoming more involved and let’s not forget the veterans who’ve been with us from day one maintaining their food updates, views and recipes.

What I like about the group is the varied range of people we have contributing to the club. From professional chefs to bang-it-in-the-oveners, from vegetarians to carnivores, from fry-up lovers to fry-lite lovers, we seem to have them all. This is fantastic for discussion, and it’s great to see so many ideas being discussed and recipes being shared across this broad interest spectra.

For a group that started off as a joke, then went to a satirical spoof and finally to a friendly place to discuss and share food ideas and pictures, it’s not done too bad!

So where do we go from here?

Files for Recipes

I’ve already mentioned the files section in the various posts on the News Feed. The main use of this is going to be in sharing recipes, of which we have a few on there already. Whenever I see a recipe on a post or in a comment, I add it to a file and put it there (giving full credit to the original author of course!) so we don’t lose it down the News Feed over time. However, I can’t catch them all, so I’d be really grateful if you could do that yourselves if you want to share a recipe. If you don’t know how to do it, I’d be happy to show you. It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t, it just helps me and also makes it easier for others to access your recipe.


This has been suggested “on and off” for a few years now, and each time it’s fizzled out into nothing (through no one’s fault, it’s just happened that way). I’ve noticed some recent discussions about giving this another go, with a few locations in mind. One of those suggested was Buddy’s Restaurant in Castleton, which has a number of interesting food challenges to make things a little more interesting (although you’d be under no obligation to join in with these!) Obviously we need to think about geography and come up with a compromise that works for everybody, or perhaps have a few different meet-ups in different places throughout the year. I’ll welcome any ideas, and if we gain enough interest would be happy to organise something. Keep a look out on the News Feed for more..

The Pie Club Merchandise

Jokingly suggested to me one evening, this idea actually gained a bit of interest early on in the year but I never had the time to make it work. Again, suggestions welcome but they need to be simple and inexpensive. T-Shirts are the obvious one, but we’ve had other things like baby’s bibs suggested also.


Apart from this one you’re reading, I stopped doing these in mid-2011. The main reason being that the group seemed to be doing okay without them, and the newsletters (which were roughly once a month) comprised mainly of cynical criticism of certain diets with a summary of what had been posted that month. Hardly “news” really.

However, I may start doing these again if I feel the need to – especially if the group gets any bigger in size…

So in summary, quite a few things may be happening on here in 2013 – keep an eye out as you share your pictures and recipes with the group.

Don’t forget to invite your friends too – anyone you think might be interested in sharing their food ideas and pictures. If you see someone post a picture of food to their Facebook wall, you know what to do! The group is closed, so no one can join unless they know someone already on here, or who approaches me personally.

So, that’s it. Thank you all so much for making this group what it is. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it on here this year – I really hope you have too!

Merry Christmas,



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