Pie Club News – 21st May 2011

On May 21, 2011, in The Pie Club, by StevenSeed

Hi Pie Clubbers,

Well, as you probably noticed I’ve been away from the Club for a few months. My apologies for this, and thanks to the people who kept the club going in my absence.

If you’re not a member of the Pie Club and wish to join, you can do so on the Pie Club Facebook group which you can get to here.

I see there have still been plenty of your food images uploaded – despite Facebook making it significantly more difficult by removing the “Add photos” button on the Club Photos section (which means you have to actually upload the photos from your computer rather than transfer them from your own personal Facebook albums). Thanks to Soph, Lisa Baroness, Dan Francis Hill, Gwyn R, Julia, Emski, and Rich for their contributions since the last newsletter. Thanks for sticking with us!

Well, we’ve had Pancake Day since the last newsletter, and for me it was a big one. Four 12inch diameter pancakes (made using 4 eggs), hot n’ spicy chicken, mash, wedges, onion rings and a big wodge of beans and gravy. Some liked the look of it, some didn’t, but I for one loved it! For those who want to relive this one…

If you’ve been somewhere nice for a meal, please do let us know. Take a picture if you can (if you’re worried about looking stupid photographing your meal, please don’t. It’s the ‘done thing’ these days, even in posh places…). Let us know how the meal was, portion sizes, etc. Since the last newsletter, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a couple of places in Sheffield – Drake House Mill and The Rise on West Street, both did a cracking meal. Thanks to Dan for also making a start on this initiative – I’ve used one of his reviews as the Profile Picture – a scrumptious looking Ley Inn Sunday dinner! Mmm!

NEW FEATURE! As followers of my site will know by now, I have opened up the comments feature which means you can comment on my blog posts. As I’ll be posting this newsletter on there under the “Pie Club” category, you’ll be able to comment on it – something you weren’t able to do before. Should you wish to have your say on anything regarding the above, you can do. Just click “Register” on the right hand side to register to the site and you can comment to your heart’s content!

Couple of plugs before I go. We have the amazing Phil and her collection of fantastic photos, all available to purchase – for details visit her website: www.philstarkeyphotography.co.uk. Also, if you’re looking for a nice trip to the beautiful North Wales/Snowdonia, have a look at Bryn Llefrith Bach – a beautiful cottage in a fantastic location: www.brynllefrith.co.uk. For all your skincare needs, there really is only one place to go: www.pure-enough.co.uk – all natural ingredients and no chemicals.

Thanks again to everyone who’s contributed. Any questions or ideas you have, please get in touch with any of the officers or myself and we’ll be happy to help. You can also email us. Any opinions, good or bad, I want to hear them. You can also call Seed Cottage and leave your voice or SMS/MMS messages: 07941 651 624.

Keep the portions big and the black pepper plentiful!



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